Meet Javier!


Meet Javier. He works at Golden Farm in the dairy department and is the father of three beautiful daughters. His salary at Golden Farm supports his family.


So when Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim retaliated by slashing 12 overtime hours on August 17, 2012 from Javier’s work week to punish Javier and his coworkers for organizing to have a contract with basic benefits, Sonny not only succeeded in squeezing his workers but also entire families. Sonny knows which of his workers have children and are more likely to suffer with retaliatory hour cuts. Javier, however, hasn’t let this stop him from speaking to the community. Javier shared his story with members of the Flatbush Jewish Center on October 21, 2012. And just yesterday he was seen outside the store speaking to Kensington resident Jennifer Fortune, a senior at Hunter, writing a paper on the Golden Farm struggle for school.


La lucha sigue!

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