Golden Farm friend

My name is Michael Klein; I’m a life-long New Yorker, longtime Brooklyniyte, and Kensington resident for the past 5 years. One of the things that attracted us to this neighborhood was the community feeling and the wealth of fine small businesses. Golden Farm seemed to be the cream of the crop–great prices, amazing efficiency, and a great selection. So I was very disturbed, one winter day last year, to find out that all was not as it seemed at the store; that in fact, the owner, Sonny Kim, had been exploiting his workers for years, had broken labor laws, abused them, trampled on their rights. And–I learned that the workers, defying the odds, were fighting back, and had reached out to the legal community to defend themselves, and to the Kensington community for support.
Like many other families, we had spent thousands of dollars at Golden Farm. But finding about Sonny Kim’s abuses, and, even more shockingly, that he was continuing his practices, and resisting all efforts to get him to change, put an end to that. So I joined with the many other Kensington residents who have gladly lent their support to the guys in Golden Farm. The community has responded in many ways–with petitions to Sonny Kim, by picketing, by joining the boycott, by involving our local officials, and many, simply by saying NO! to this disgraceful behavior and shopping elsewhere. I hope Kim is getting the message, because it will continue until he does; and my only regret is not having paid closer attention to what was happening in the lives of people right across the street from me who worked so hard for me when I was a customer. But now, we are not just customers–we are, proudly, friends.

-Michael Klein

Kensington resident


Golden Farm worker Javier Rios and Kensington resident Michael Klein. Thumbs up!

Watch this video of Kensington resident Michael Klein and Susan Braverman on why they support the boycott!

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