Golden Farm workers SPEAK!


Golden Farm workers speak to the Kensington community.

Viva la justa lucha de los trabajadores de Golden Farm…viva

Viva la solidaridad efectiva y en la práctica con los trabajadores de Golden Farm.

Vivan las justas luchas del pueblo…viva


A Golden Farm Christmas

We understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas this holiday season. However, the children of the Golden Farm workers that have been fighting for living wages and paid sick days for close to two years definitely do. It’s been a tough year. On July 12  brother Felix Trinidad passed away. On August 17 (the day before the boycott began) the owner of Golden Farm, Sonny Kim, cut the workers’ hours (and thus their salaries by nearly 40%).

In light of this, the Kensington community has decided to celebrate a gift drive for the children of the workers at Golden Farm supermarket. We have met Javier’s daughters (ages 7, 3, and 1) in this blog, as well as Felix’s children (little girl age 8, and her younger brother age 5). Antonino, Felix’s brother (who was also employed at Golden Farm and was forced out because of financial duress last month) has a 1 year old son and his wife is expecting a daughter in February.

When we called upon the community to support Felix’s widow Anastacia and their two children the Kensington community responded with nearly $1,500 in donations via the NYCC donation page.

We now call upon all of our neighbors to donate gifts that will be age appropriate for the children of the affected workers.

Donations can be dropped off at any time in the box on the porch at 308 East 4th, between Church Ave and Albermarle Ave.

Already one neighbor has responded! Below is a picture of the gifts she donated! THANK YOU!


Thank you!

This holiday season we ask for paid sick days for all! Living wages for all!

Don’t be a grinch Sonny. If you sign the contract and reinstate the workers’ hours  then we promise to do all of our holiday grocery shopping at your store. Until then we will continue to take our dollars elsewhere, like the Foodtown on McDonald Avenue where the workers enjoy a union contract.

Happy holidays!

Meet Javier!


Meet Javier. He works at Golden Farm in the dairy department and is the father of three beautiful daughters. His salary at Golden Farm supports his family.


So when Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim retaliated by slashing 12 overtime hours on August 17, 2012 from Javier’s work week to punish Javier and his coworkers for organizing to have a contract with basic benefits, Sonny not only succeeded in squeezing his workers but also entire families. Sonny knows which of his workers have children and are more likely to suffer with retaliatory hour cuts. Javier, however, hasn’t let this stop him from speaking to the community. Javier shared his story with members of the Flatbush Jewish Center on October 21, 2012. And just yesterday he was seen outside the store speaking to Kensington resident Jennifer Fortune, a senior at Hunter, writing a paper on the Golden Farm struggle for school.


La lucha sigue!