NYTimes coverage

On the picket line people often ask us: why are you picking on poor Mr. Kim? or why are you trying to close our favorite local store? Besides the fact that the owner of Golden Farm, Sonny Kim, was sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in owed wages to his employees and that he has so far refused to sign a contract that would honor the NLRB certified election in his store, this campaign is far bigger than just one store in Kensington.

Golden Farm is just one store among many grocery stores, car washes, fast food restaurants, and other low wage industries where workers are organizing in NYC. Even the New York Times has picked up on the work:

Union Efforts Over Conditions at Grocers Split Two Immigrant Groups

Planning a March and Envisioning a Movement, to Unite Low-Wage Workers

Drive to Unionize Fast Food Workers Begins

Challenging Owner to Raise Wages, Workers at a Second Car Wash Vote to Unionize

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