No sweatshops in my neighborhood

My name is Gibb Surette.  The owner of Golden Farm has robbed his workers of half a million dollars (not yet repaid), verbally and even physically abused them, unlawfully retaliated against them for wanting to join a union (cutting hours and incomes for union supporters with families, threatening to get them evicted, and more), stalled union certification (now final) and negotiations for months with meritless appeals (now defeated), attempted frauds on state and federal agencies, tried to justify his actions with ethnic slanders, and now pays minimum wage without sick days.  He has done all this on my very doorstep, to my neighbors.  When they voted to call for a community boycott, how could I fail to honor it?  How could I side with greedy, lying, lawless, racist Sonny Kim against them?  I will not be a line-crossing scab and support a sweatshop in my own neighborhood!  And that’s why I support the Golden Farm boycott.

Gibb Surette

Kensington resident

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