Picket Friday, Court on Wednesday

The date has been set! An NLRB Judge will finally rule on the Unfair Labor Practice filed by the RWDSU last August for Mr Kim’s failure to negotiate in good faith.

The hearing is scheduled for 9am Wednesday January 15th at the NLRB, 2 Metrotech, 5th Floor,  and is open to the public. A couple of members of Occupy Kensington are going to attend and we’ll post an update Wednesday after the judge rules.

There will be a picket at Golden Farm this Friday from 6 to 8 please join us to let Mr Kim know that even though the union rat has gone to Queens, his former customers in our community are still right here and still support the workers. It’s important to keep giving him this message because if the judge rules in favor of the union he is going send Mr Kim back to the bargaining table and continued economic pressure from the boycott may help tip him in favor of actually negotiating.

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