How YOU can help

There are a bunch of volunteering opportunites out there – please try and help in whatever way you can.

We’ve set up an on-line chart where you can sign up and indicate when you can help.
For those who don’t want to use the doodle poll the picket schedule is:
Fri 16   3-5
Sat 17  12-2
Sun 18 12-2
Mon19 6-8
Tue 20  7-9
Wed 21 6-8
Thur 22 7-9
Fri 23     6-8
Dropping by on the spur of the moment is great but if you can let us know beforehand when you can help that’d be very useful because it allows us to plan better.

With reduced picket hours we need other ways to let shoppers know that the boycott is on. the best we’ve found so far is chalking the sidewalk around the store. As long as we stick to the outer part of the sidewalk (over five feet from the store) this is perfectly legal and it takes longer to wash off than it does to write on. We need some volunteers, (people who pass the store regualrly on their way to work would be ideal) who will take on to chalk the word BOYCOTT several times whenever they pass the store. If you can do this let us know – We can supply chalk and suggested slogans.

We want to get boycott posters up in as many windows as possible in the neighborhood. If you can display a poster in your window you can pick one up from one of the scheduled pickets, or reply to this e-mail with your address and we can drop one off to you.
If you can get some of your neighbors to join you we’d be happy to drop off a bunch of posters for you to distribute on your block. Note to tenants: as long as the poster is INSIDE your apartment, ie on the inside of your window it is entirely your right to post it.
Occupy Kensington – or call Eleanor @ 347 4033798

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