Kensington Community Says “No!” to Union Busting at Golden Farm!


The Kensington Brooklyn community rallies in support of the workers at the Golden Farm grocery, where owner Sonny Kim has been trying to bust the union. Kim is one of the worst abusers of workers rights in New York City, and was caught by the Department of Labor stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of the wages he was supposed to be paying his workers. No to union-busting and abuse of workers in Brooklyn!


Supporting Workers Rights — A Family Tradition!


Natalie Lessinger of Kensington comes from a family that has been supporting workers rights for over a century. She’s behind the Golden Farm workers fight for a union contract!

Golden Farm Manager to Community Supporters of Workers: @#$%@!!!


Here’s a short clip of Golden Farm manager Steve Kim telling the Kensington community how he really feels about their support for the store’s workers (warning: play this when the kids are in bed!). Steve regularly tells community members that Golden Farm will “never” sign a contract with the store’s workers (despite the fact that the National Labor Relation Board has certified the Golden Farm workers union, obligating the store to indeed negotiate a contract in good faith). So lets hope Steve is merely pulling our leg, and not truly representing what management plans to do. Because that would be, well….@#$%@!