How Much Don’t You Spend at Golden Farm?

Let’s do the math! How much money is Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim losing in business by prolonging negotiations with the workers? Fill out this form! Courtesy of our friends at 99Pickets and Occupy Kensington! Check out the following post from KARMABrooklyn Blog:


Dear Sonny Kim:
I support workers at Golden Farm.
Before the boycott, I spent about $______ per week at
the store.
When you sign a fair contract with the workers I will come
back to shop at Golden Farm.
Name: __________________________________
99 Pickets & Occupy Kensington //
If you’re boycotting Golden Farm, let Sonny Kim, the owner, know how much money you no longer spend there each week. And that you’ll be back in the store, cash (or plastic) in hand, after he negotiates a fair union contract.

The boycott, requested by Golden Farm employees, has caused a 50% drop in sales on peak days. Boycotters want the owner to

  • sign a fair union contract with the employees and include paid sick days,
  • restore employees’ work hours that the owner cut illegally in retaliation for employees organizing, and
  • reinstate employees who were fired in retaliation for organizing.

To help, just fill out a paper card like the one shown above (get it from a picketer) or an online form.

A neighborhood delegation will deliver the cards to Mr. Kim.
This “pledge drive” is brought to you by 99 Pickets and Occupy Kensington.

Why is Marcos standing on the ladder?



Boycott Pandemic

Nearly 50 people with the boycott rally bug came out today to brave the sunny, mid-40 degrees, balmy January weather. More than 20 did so as well yesterday!

For those of you keeping store at home there have been rallies outside of Golden Farm in 2011, 2012 and now in 2013…

Yesterday the Green Party crashed the Golden Farm sidewalk in solidarity with the Golden Farm workers:

And today allies left and left came out in full support and sang to Sonny Kim!

Struggles bring allies together and broad coalitions bring about change. Meet some of the members of the Golden Farm Justice Coalition:

The Hot and Crusty workers:


(on left with sign) Mahoma Lopez, Hot and Crusty worker and activist: “Unionize Low Wage Workers, We Did It!”

99 Pickets brought people together:


Sundrop wearing the 99Pickets banner with pride

The Internationalist Group:


Charlie from the Internationalist Group speaks

Socialist Alternative was there as well:


Pete from Socialist Alternative takes the mike

OccuEvolve, always representing:


Malu from OccuEvolve!

And of course, Occupy Kensington:


Gibb from Occupy Kensington

New York Communities for Change was also there.

Occupy Staten Island, Occupy Sunset Park and if we forgot to mention anyone our apologies!

Most important of all, Kensington residents of all types were present supporting the workers. The message to Sonny was loud and clear:

Sonny Kim! No contract, no peace!

Kensington has got a fever and the only prescription is more boycott! (never gets old)

The Professor and the Farm

Golden Farm and the Fight for the Rights of Low-Wage Workers

As everyone in the Kensington neighborhood knows by now, the Golden Farm grocery has been the site of an ongoing fight by the store’s workers to obtain their rights to fair wages and working conditions. This fight began over a year ago when the Golden Farm workers took the store’s owner, Sonny Kim, to court to put an end to his illegal practice of wage theft. With the Kensington community’s support, and the support of dedicated community organizations and local leaders, the workers won their fight to be paid the legal minimum wage,  had a union certified to represent them, and are now fighting to get Kim to sign a contract guaranteeing them their basic rights.

What everyone may not know is that the Golden Farm workers courageous effort is part of a citywide movement that has been going on over the past decade made up of low wage workers, many of them new immigrants, to stand up against the rampant exploitation that takes place in many industries and demand that they be treated fairly, legally and decently as valued workers and members of our communities.

MEET WORKERS and find out more about this vibrant new wave of organizing that is taking place in Kensington and beyond with Professor Immanuel Ness of Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center for Worker Education and author of Immigrants, Unions, and the New U. S. Labor Market. Professor Ness has been actively documenting these important and exciting developments for the past 15 years, and has much to share about the history of workers and communities coming together in the fight for fairness—where we have come from, and where we can go together.

Don’t miss this great discussion!

Thursday, December 13, 8:00 PM

309 East 5th Street (between Church and Albemarle Avenues)

Sponsored by Occupy Kensington and Golden Farm Justice