Overworked, underpaid NO MORE

ImageBelated report-back. Saturday night February 2nd was very cold and windy. At 7:30p.m., on the corner of New York and Church Avenues in Flatbush, about 30 members from the New York Communities for Change’s (NYCC) Flatbush neighborhood chapter and the NYCC Workers Committee met and then marched down Church Ave. towards 18th Street. Why? To fight for justice for immigrant workers. To clean up Church Avenue! To make Flatbush an exploitation free zone. No more wage theft. No more 72+ hour work weeks for sub-poverty wages. Sick days for all. Living wages for all.

Why the late start time for the march? Because most march participants worked during the day and could not participate until later in the evening. March organizers wanted to go directly to the  very workers inside the restaurants, green groceries, nail salons, etc., that remained open at that hour. People working and on the street were informed about their rights and encouraged to organize. Employers were put on notice.

Juan, Junior and Lucas spoke about why they were going to march:

At 18th St. and Church Ave the marchers stopped and were ferried in a van to the most famous green grocery in all of Brooklyn. GOLDEN FARM!

Once there a few Occupy Kensington members joined the marchers and called upon Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim to sign the contract and guarantee his employees paid sick days, vacations, personal days, holidays, annual raises and job security.


Comite de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores de NYCC


Sandra Castro marched on Feb. 2!

Why was it a beautiful night? Because workers from other stores that have organized, fought and won were present to support their brothers and sisters at Golden Farm.

Cesar from Master Food supermarket (3008 Church Avenue, Brooklyn) spoke. His store won a union contract with Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW and a 300K settlement in back pay. Junior from Key Food supermarket (9530 Church Avenue, Brooklyn) spoke also. His store won a union contract with Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW.


Justice chalk!


Free Marty and Andres!

Breaking news from 7a.m. Monday morning: Golden Farm political prisoners Andres (NYCC organizer) and Marty (first time volunteer from Washington Heights) (you read that correctly, first time volunteer) were released from their jail cell on Monday morning around 7a.m. after having spent nearly 20 hours locked up. The upside is that they were unlawfully arrested and that they are now better friends than they ever thought they would be.

On September 24, 2014 the court issued a stipulation in the matter of Golden Farm Church Ave against New York Communities for Change et al where it was stated, inter alia:

Defendants and /or their agents shall not enter plaintiffs store, block the entrance, block the egress or access to plaintiffs store or shall or stand in front of doorway.

Defendants shall stand at least five feet away from plaintiffs produce stands located outside plaintiff’s store and shall not restrict traffic within 5 feet of the store.

Defendants shall not tape bills posters signs or other materials on plaintiff’s property.

This agreement is without prejudice to plaintiff’s claims or defendants’ defense and is not an admission of wrongdoing or unlawful action by defendants.

Andres and Marty were standing underneath the awning at Golden Farm to avoid the rain on Sunday, December 9, around noon. Sonny called the police and showed them the video shot by the security camera as they stood beneath the awning and the stipulation. The two police officers decided they had the right to arrest Andres and Marty. The police officer later admitted to the attorney from Advocates for Justice that she made a mistake. Charges will be dropped. The NYPD has no business enforcing a stipulation in a civil suit. Hopefully the NYPD can be sued to stop this from happening again.



The good news is that Sonny Kim has not seen the last of Marty and Andres! They both can’t wait to hit the picket line again!

Sonny Kim: You can’t arrest justice! Screw us and we multiply!

Solidarity always.

Committee to Free Marty and Andres