Boycott supporters SPEAK!


Yesterday we heard from the workers. Today, check out this video to hear from some of the Kensington neighbors that choose to support the Golden Farm workers and boycott!


Matt on why he supports the Golden Farm Workers!


Kensington resident on why he supports the Golden Farm workers and the community boycott.

Santa in Kensington! (Grinch sighting also)


Santa says boycott!

Thank you Kensington! Since we made public the toy drive for the children of the Golden Farm workers the response from our neighbors has been overwhelming. We have already published a picture of the very first toys donated. Check out this new picture! The bags are full of toys and most are brand new. Keep them coming! Happy holidays!


Bags full of gifts! Thank you!


Steve Kim is the Grinch. This is what happens when you pour bleach on Kate’s jeans Steve!

All we want for this holiday season (besides more gifts for the children) is a contract for the Golden Farm workers.