Rally this Sunday in support of the workers

Rally Sunday 9/15 5pm @ Kensington Plaza (in front of Walgreens)

then march to Golden Farm

On September 20th it will be one year since the union was recognized at Golden Farm.

One whole year of Mr Kim refusing to engage in REAL negotiations that lead to a contract. Instead he has wasted the union’s time and a lot of his own money on using highly paid lawyers to drag out and delay the process with the goal of reaching the one year mark.

After September 20th Mr Kim can arrange a challenge to the union and organize a revote inside the store. A re-vote he would likely win as he has fired two of the workers who voted for the union and forced out several others by cutting their hours.

Without a contract, and without the union the remaining pro-union workers, the people who had the guts to stand up and put their names on the class action lawsuit that forced him to pay minimum wage will have no protection from Mr Kim.

It is vitally important that we show Mr KIm that it is not just the union but the community, his former customers, who are prepared to take action in defence of these workers.

Join us at Kensington Plaza (corner of Beverly and Church) at 5pm on Sunday, we’ll rally there and then march to Golden Farm.

To help hand out flyers or put up posters for this event contact Eleanor Rodgers rodgers_eleanor@hotmail.cokm


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