Bklyn rats endorse boycott

A goldenfarmjustice.wordrpress.com exclusive!

A rat (pictured below) was spotted attempting to shop at Golden Farm earlier this week. When confronted by the picketers the rat was thoroughly confused as to why he could not buy produce at his favorite neighborhood spotty.


The rat just wanted to buy some groceries.

“I’m shocked and chagrined! mortified and stupified!” stated the rat. “I’ve been shopping here nearly 15 years, at least since the nineties, and now this!”


“I’m shocked and chagrined! Mortified and stupified!” says rat as Andres calms him down.

Luckily for Kensington residents, the ten foot rat was keen to listen to the picketers.

“It’s about workers rights, human and rat dignity,” explained NYCC organizer Kate Barut. “Sonny Kim stays refusing to negotiate, so this is why we boycott!”

Convinced, the rat decided that he would rather support a union shop, like the Foodtown around the corner on McDonald Ave. and Albermarle Rd.

Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim could not be reached for comment. A representative from Local 338, the workers’ collective bargaining agent, explained to the rat that:

That is why the community should be outraged by some of the things Mr. Kim or his representatives have done or said during negotiations.  Things like demanding that Mr. Kim be the one to dictate whom the union can use to represent the workers!  Saying, “I’ll decide who can speak to me about the employees and their issues!” Or not wanting employees to be paid for our national holidays unless they work for him on those days, too!  When he said, “Why should I pay someone for a day if he is not making ME money that day!”  Mr. Kim would not offer even small wage increases to the workers because he believes he could find workers to do it for less than minimum wage.  Saying, “I can find people who are so desperate they’d even work for less than the minimum wage!”

“What a rat!” said the rat. “That’s it! I’m done with Kim! I’m calling out all my little rats!”

Little rats indeed. They came out in numbers.


All the rats (except Sonny) signed the petition and stayed to picket.

“I’ll be here every day,” said the ten-footer.


“Every day, Sonny, every day.”


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