To the polls!

New poll finds 71% of Kensington residents support justice.

29% support exploitation. Stay classy 29%, stay classy.

What stance are you taking in regards to Golden Farm?

The “good…”

  • No matter how good the store is, it won’t get my business until he gives workers what they deserve. I’m not part of the campaign, though. (45%)
  • Not only am I not shopping there–I’m involved or will be involved in picketing and spreading the word. (26%)

The “bad AND the ugly…” but at least I’m honest…

  • I’m with Mr. Kim on this one–if you don’t like your job, leave it. I’m shopping there. (18%)

The “I can’t admit I’m bad and ugly…”

  • I feel for the workers, but I love the store, too. I still shop there on occasion. (11%)

Speaking of polls, these guys may not be running for NYC Mayor, but we like them anyway. At the very least, they are willing to stand up for workers’ rights.

lander and kate

Councilman Brad Lander speaks at Golden Farm rally. Nice button!

adams golden farm

Senator Eric Adams and Occupy Kensington at Golden Farm rally!

Everyone deserves paid sick, vacation, and personal days as well as raises and job security.

To the polls!

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