Boycott Goes to Jersey!

This is what happens when you get two boycotters arrested Sonny Kim. Earlier this morning Golden Farm boycott supporters braved the cold and crossed the Hudson River to the land of New Jersey. Fort Lee, NJ to be exact. Among the protesters were Marty and Andres.

Why? To visit Sonny Kim and his wife Sharon Kim at their residence in their fortified luxury condo in NJ. The units sell for a cool $600,000 if you are looking to move to Jersey. If you can’t join us at our picket lines outside the Kims’ building, let them know how you feel by mailing a  a letter directly to the following address:

Sonny and Sharon Kim

1512 Palisade Avenue, Apt. 19A

Fort Lee, NJ  07024


Boycott in Fort Lee, NJ! (Sonny did not take this picture)

Of course, this isn’t the only property the Kims own. They recently sold a $1.1 million home in Bergen Count, NJ.

So how do the Kims afford a $1.1 million dollar home and a $600,000 dollar condo? It might have to do with the fact that for many years they paid their workers $4.86 per hour and currently give them zero paid days off (no vacation, personal, or sick days, let alone holidays – the store NEVER closes).

Sonny: We look forward to meeting your neighbors! Already 58 of them received a flyer in their hand this morning!


Sonny and Sharon Kim talking to a cop.

Paid sick days for all! Living wages NOW! Fort Lee or bust.

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