Boycott Live on TV

From the streets to the studios! Today NYC, tomorrow the world.

Tune in TODAY, Friday, January 4 from 6p.m. to 7p.m. to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and catch the latest boycott news!

Lydia Radin, the host of the TV show “Crookeddoctors” on MNN walked by the boycott and invited supporters to talk about the Golden Farm campaign on her show. The show will be broadcasted throughout all NYC and will give a broader audience an opportunity to hear about how the Golden Farm workers are fighting for dignity and respect on the job and speaking up for low wage workers everywhere. Callers to the show are welcome! Call to ask a question and to voice your support!

Please see the following to find your channel depending on your cable provider:


Time Warner Cable: Channel 56

Cablevision: Channel 69

Verizon/FiOs: Channel 44

RCN: Channel 84



Time Warner Cable: Channel 34

Verizon/FiOs: Channel 33

RCN: Channel 82

Show will also be streamed live at; click on WATCH NOW.

Don’t forget to call in to the show LIVE with your comments and questions: 212 – 245 – 7273.

Paid Sick Days for all now! Living Wages for all now!


Boycott on fire!





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