Golden Farm movement!

Why is it important to support 25 workers in one small supermarket in Kensington, Brooklyn? Because you are supporting a movement. Check out this article! The Golden Farm revolution makes a cameo:

Low-Wage Workers, Stand Up, Fight Back!

For the more philosophical, consider the following from Adam Michnik:

“Start doing the things you think should be done.

Start being what you think society should become.

Do you believe in free speech? Then speak freely.

Do you love the truth? Then tell it.

Do you believe in an open society?

Then act in the open.

Do you believe in a decent and humane society?

Then behave decently and humanely.”

Do you believe that no one should be forced to go to work sick for fear of being fired? Do you believe that one should have the right to rest at least a handful of days in one calendar year? Do you believe that that no one should be forced to support their family on $7.25 an hour? Do you believe that no one should live in fear of being fired at any given moment without just cause?

Then support the Golden Farm boycott. Contract now!

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