No Justice, No Peas


Golden Farm workers at rally: Antonino, Victor, Gonzalo, Felix, Martin and The Justice Pineapple

More voices from the neighborhood. We need more testimony from boycotters. It is entirely possible that at this very moment Sonny Kim is googling his name (or his store) and reading the post that will move him to do the right thing.



From Kensington resident Carlie Steen

From Kensington resident Brian Picket

The following posts are from Kensington to Sonny Kim, Owner of Golden Farm

Dear Mr. Kim,
I will not shop at your store (will go to Foodtown or Cortelyou road for shopping) until you pay a living wage, give your workers contracts, and give them the backpay and benefits they deserve. Don’t kid yourself. We can all easily get by without your business.

Mr. Kim,
After 5 years of supporting Golden Farm with my business and word-of-mouth recommendations, it deeply saddens me to hear of your mistreatment of the workers who have made GF successful. The situation you have created only makes things worse for everyone (you, the workers and the local community) and I urge you to do what’s right and guarantee the demands of the workers. Until you do so, I will be encouraging everyone I know to support the lawsuit and boycott Golden Farm.

Dear Mr Kim,
I have lived 5 blocks from your store for many years now, and sometimes I have gone there as frequently as once a day to buy my groceries. I will not do so any more until you do right by your employees.

Dear Mr. Kim,
I spend thousands of dollars at Golden Farm each year, yet I’ve been reluctant to go there since learning about how you treat your workers. I hope to hear of a complete settlement of all the workers’ claims — including back pay and fair and legal conditions going forward — very soon.

Dear Mr. Kim,
I have shopped at golden farm since it opened – I appreciate that the workers always smile and are kind to the customers. Please pay them a fair wage so they can support themselves and their families!

Dear Mr. Kim,
I love your store and feel very fortunate to have it in the neighborhood. Your workers are good natured, polite, accurate. They’re really terrific. They deserve to be paid at least minimum wage. I assure you that if your prices must rise to accommodate, I will still continue to do my shopping at Golden Farm.

Dear Mr. Kim,
My family and I live one block from your store and love to shop there, but we have not been doing so since we heard about the wage situation at the Golden Farm in December. Please pay the back wages owed to the people working at the store. We’d love to return to your store and give you our business but won’t do so till the wages are paid.

Dear Mr. Kim,
I’ve been a resident of the neighborhood for 3 years and have been singing Golden Farm’s praises for years now. I love this grocery store but I will no longer spend my money in a store that won’t give them the money that you LEGALLY owe them. Those people who work for you are so kind, so helpful, and so good at their jobs. It is pathetic that you had to be shamed into giving them minimum wage.

Mr. Kim,
I have been a customer for over 7 years, as long as I have lived in this neighborhood. Like others in the community, I was happy when you were able to expand your business, and I’m glad for the convenience that you provide. However, I am outraged that the growth and well-being of your business comes at the expense of your workers. I urge you to be a responsible member of this community by treating your workers fairly. Like all workers, they deserve a living wage and fair contract. I cannot support your business if you engage in illegal and unfair labor practices.

Dear Mr. Kim,
As a neighbor and loyal customer for several years, I am deeply saddened and disappointed to learn that you have refused to pay back wages and overtime to your hard working employees at the Golden Farm. Your store is one of the aspects of Kensington that I appreciate most. I think you do a great job with your selection of products and fresh vegetables, all at a low cost, 24 hours a day. But all this cannot justify exploiting your workers. All workers deserve respect, dignity, and fair labor standards. I would like to keep supporting your business. That being said I will only shop at your store if you do the right thing and compensate your workers with the back wages and overtime pay they deserve.
– Yasmeen

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