Supporting the Golden Farm workers is a no-brainer


Golden Farm worker Martin Gonzalez and Kensington resident Laura Castro

I was appalled when I found out what was happening to the workers at Golden Farm. Shopping at Golden Farm had been very convenient for me, as I live only a few blocks away. In all probability, however, I live only a few blocks from the workers themselves: they too are my neighbors. When I heard about the boycott and started joining the picket line, I was temporarily out of a job. Though I have been able to return to middle class work, these circumstances only heightened my awareness of the fragility of life for those who exist on the economic margins and are denied even the meager dignity of respect on the job and a few contractual rights. Supporting the Golden Farm workers has been a no-brainer for me.  In times like these, we are all in this together, whether we realize it or not.  I am witness to the fact that prospects for American workers and their families are not what they were a generation ago. Substandard wages and conditions for some are lowering the floor for us all.  Hopefully, people at the grassroots can start turning this around. I have been greatly encouraged by bravery of the Golden Farm workers, the energy of community organizers from New York Communities for Change, the acknowledgment of so many passing motorists who honk in response to our signs, and all the neighbors of so many ethnicities and backgrounds who have gone out of their way to shop elsewhere until this struggle is won—hopefully soon.

Laura Castro

Kensington resident

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