Why I am boycotting Golden Farm


Lianna Gomori, Kensington resident, shows off her “I Support the Golden Farm Workers” button to the world.

I support Golden Farm workers because I am a teacher. I am dedicated to helping children succeed in school so that they can have good jobs and comfortably feed their families one day. Many of my students are being cheated out of this future, not because of the quality of education provided to them, but because of what happens when parents are working too many hours to spend time with them, and don’t have enough money to afford food, books, health care, or leisure activities. I can’t support a store that chooses to support this cycle of poverty. Until those workers are paid the money they are owed, and treated with respect, I will be shopping elsewhere.

Lianna Gomori

ESL/ELA teacher, The Evergreen Middle School for Urban Exploration

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