No Contract, Sonny Kim? No Thanks!

Here we are approaching Thanksgiving 2012, well over a year since the workers of Golden Farm began their courageous journey to secure the basic rights of a fair wage and decent working conditions, and the right not to be robbed of their pay. Along the way, they have found  many friends and supporters in the Kensington community.

ImageThey have achieved many hard-won victories along the way—forcing Golden Farm owner to admit he was lying and that in fact had stolen over $600,000 of his employees wages, forcing the store to begin paying at least minimum wage to its workers, negotiating an agreement to return at least some of the back pay to the workers, and finally winning a long, hard fight to have their union—RWDSU/UFCW Local 338—certified to represent them in the workplace.

And there have been hardships—the strain of months of battling a storeowner backed by expensive lawyers, the constant retaliations, and most devastating, the death of a beloved co-worker who was taken all too soon, and who never stopped fighting for his brothers and sisters.

And now it is Thanksgiving, and still, no contract has been signed, because Sonny Kim continues to stall.

ImageWe all noticed how eager Sonny Kim was to take advantage to the hurricane to rake in some business (and it has not gone unnoticed that, while many Kensington neighbors and businesses have stepped forward in the relief efforts, Sonny has been noticeably absent). And now comes another of the store’s busiest times of year—Thanksgiving Eve—where Kim is hoping once again to continue his philosophy that the Kensington community exists solely for him to suck money out of.

No Thanks, Sonny! The Kensington community that has been supporting our friends and neighbors that you have been exploiting for too long have other ideas.

Stay tuned!

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