Not So Fresh From Wisconsin: Rotten Wages With Your Fresh Fruit

Who is Wisconsin’s Ronald Pfeifer, and what’s his concern with the price of fruit in Brooklyn? Turns out Mr. Pfeifer, who works for the union-busting Wisconsin-based law firm of Godfrey & Kahn, is, spending time in the BK now and then courtesy of Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim to help him in his effort to resist his beleaguered workers attempts to get a union contract. Perhaps Mr. Kim is concerned that he could not find anyone anti-worker enough in the Big Apple, and turned instead to sneaky union-busting Wisconsin for help

 Godfrey & Kahn’s Ronald T. Pfeifer

According to Godfrey & Kahn’s website, Ron “represents employers in matters before the National Labor Relations Board (including representation elections)” and “directs employers in their collective bargaining negotiations,” and has been flying in from halfway across the country on Mr. Kim’s dime to help him do just that.

When he’s not enjoying those trips, Mr. Pfeifer keeps quite busy, whether it’s helping advise companies on how to push aging employees out the door without getting charged with age discrimination, helping Indian tribes resist unionization drives , or concocting  conspiracy theories of how the National Labor relations Board’s “Obama board” is tilting the NLRB into being pro-union (horrors!)

We hope Mr. Kim is getting his money’s worth, and not just being taken for a ride by his Midwestern helpers, who have apparently counseled him to object to the union’s legitimacy for months, only to be overruled every step of the way (the union was certified in September after months of stonewalling by Kim and his attorneys, no doubt in an attempt to starve the workers into submission.  But those legal fees are tax-deductible, aren’t they? Could come in handy as a way of maximizing cash profits, especially if some of the local rumors of Kim planning to sell the business turn out to be true.

But maybe when he’s in town next week for the next round of negotiations , maybe he can advise Mr. Kim that the best thing for his store, his workers, and the Kensington community would be to sign the contract and let us all get back to business! If he does that, we’d be happy to treat him to a Junior’s cheesecake (but only if he waives his hourly rate!).

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