Why We Support the Golden Farm Boycott

My name is Susan Braverman, and I have been living on East 5th Street since 1988. I was so glad when Golden Farm opened. It gave me access to fresh produce, and a plethora of other products, I miss shopping there. However, I will boycott them, until they give their hard-working and dedicated workers, a union contract.

—Susan Braverman, East 5th Street, Kensington
Peter Walsh and Susan Braverman

My name is Peter Walsh and I support the people working at the Golden Farm Grocery in their fight for fair wages, sick days, a union contract and respect. I live just one block from the Golden Farm and can literally see the store from my window. Every day I see workers like Martin Gonzalez and Roberto Ramirez stocking the fruit and vegetables and unloading the trucks full of groceries – food that we have all put on our tables in the past. However, until the store’s owner Sonny Kim signs a union contract with the workers, I will not shop at the Golden Farm.

I support the boycott at the Golden Farm because everyone in our community deserves to be paid fairly for their hard work. I was once a worker at a grocery store. I know what it means to put stock on a shelf and I know what it feels like to stand at a cash register, ring up groceries and bag them for my neighbors. I know what it means to work without paid sick time. I know what it means to have no paid time off for holidays with my family.

The working people at the Golden Farm have my support and deserve the support of everyone in our Kensington neighborhood

—Peter Walsh, Beverley Road, Kensington

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