Golden Farm’s Owner Charges That Union Supporters are Supported by…UNIONS!


Now that he has been forced to remove the wholly dishonest posters falsely claiming that the recently certified union was not supported by the store’s workers, Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim has continued to try and mend his tarnished reputation with the latest claim directed at his ever dwindling customers. Rather than simply sit down and negotiate with the union in good faith (which he is required to do by law), Kim once again chooses to deflect attention from his own shady deeds by claiming that the picketers outside the store demanding that he negotiate with the union are backed by (wait for it….UNIONS! This latest ingenious tactic was no doubt the brain-work of his high-priced, fancy Wisconsin-based union-busting law firm, which has been (ill)-advising him on ways to try and starve the workers into submission and break the union. But sorry, Mr Kim, this isn’t Wisconsin, and you would be better served by listening to the (free) advice of the Kensington community, and to sit down and negotiate that contract!

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